Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I was waiting for you

A full moon lonely and blue in the night sky looked down upon the earth. It was the still of the night and not a soul was awake, but then a shadow slowly moved in the darkness. A person all covered in black moved causiously to the river where a small boat was waiting for her. She took the boat and rode to the other side of the river to the mandapam(a small covering open on four sides without walls but only pillars to hold it up.) which was covered with the vines of jasmine and produced a sweet, aphrodisiac perfume that stirred the heart arousing it with passion. The women stood there watching the moon when she heard a twig crack under heavy foot. Her heart skipped a beat and a chill came over her, she is terrified for the act of defiance she has just committed, meeting a stranger, a man in the middle of the night, she shivered at the thought of what all this meant. All that she feared suddenly disappered as quickly as they came,she knew that her beloved had come so she turned slowly and shyly with her eyes to the ground. As she half turned she could not resist the urge to look at him so she slowly raised her eyebrows to sneek a look at him. 

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